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Building blocks needed in hong kong’s political development

The political reform framework decided by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has evoked strong reactions in Hong Kong. The pan-democrats have denounced it as undemocratic and incompatible with "genuine popular elections". For me, it is consistent with many critical elements of the Basic Law - the agreement between the Chinese sovereign and the people of Hong Kong ... Read More »

Opinion: indcs в what existing building blocks can developing countries use?

Helen Picot, Kiran Sura and Christopher Webb of CDKN argue that many developing countries have solid foundations on which to develop their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for presentation to the UNFCCC. In the first quarter of 2015, the international community will start bringing forward new offers on action to combat catastrophic Climate change is a lasting change in weather ... Read More »

The residences at 3 journal square

Owners Tocci's approach is always simple: we all work for the project. Your project. Links : We offer construction, program management, VDC, and facipties management services : Remind Read More »

15 reasons to start a web development business

I caught the entrepreneurial bug at 10-years-old. With MomБs help, my younger brother and I started baking banana breads and selling them to door-to-door. At 12-years-old, I began making websites for fun. By 17, I had my first paid client and by 20 I was working in web development full time. Now 26, IБve been building websites ever since. I ... Read More »