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Welcome to clayton ncs 5-star child care center!

Building Blocks Child Care Development Centers in Clayton NC are quality 5-star child care centers specializing in Building Blocks Pare trained in early childhood education. P Lesson plans are based on, a research-based and research-proven curriculum used by early childhood educators across the country. Building Blocks in Clayton NC have a supportive, fun atmosphere in which children can grow and develop to their fullest potential. Caring, accepting climate where children can develop trust and self-confidence Experienced, trained in child development for, and The Creative Curriculum for Fun, Colorful, and Stimulating Environment Building Blocks provides a developmentally appropriate program where children are able to grow as individuals in a loving environment as they master the skills of youth.

Building Blocks offers an enriched program meeting the highest standards of early childhood education. Our program is designed to work with parents through involvement in the program and an open door policy at all times. The majority of activities are hands on learning experiences. It is our philosophy that children learn through doing, and not just by watching.

P Overall classroom planning is created by the classroom teacher based on the developmental level of the group with which she is working. PPPWe use the term parentP on this Web site to describe an actual parent, a legal guardian, such as a grandparent or other relative, or any other legally designated care provider.