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Cognomi italiani

Lo Studio Araldico Genealogico Guelfi Camaiani con sede a Firenze si tramanda di generazione in generazione da oltre 100 anni nella famiglia Guelfi Camaiani che lo fondò nel 1877 e continua a studiare l'origine dei cognomi italiani con una passione incondizionata e riconosciuta a livello nazionale. Lo Studio Araldico Genealogico Guelfi Camaiani è dunque in grado di mettere a disposizione ... Read More »

Chemical building blocks –what do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry in europe?

Chemical Building Blocks What do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry in Europe. 1st October 2014 at Reims Congress Centre, Reims, France. Chemical building blocks provide routes to a wide range of different products and chemicals and, in turn, an astonishing range of different downstream uses. Industrial biotechnology offers the potential for developing ... Read More »

We partner with your key people to ensure

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to partnering with our clients to develop a collaborative solution that is aligned with their unique Read More »

In the gap left by embattled banks, an alternative emerges

IT IS a common gripe among businessmen that although central banks in the rich world have done their damnedest to bring down interest rates, many firms still struggle to borrow, as battered banks curb lending in an effort to shore up their capital. In America, one beneficiary of this unfortunate squeeze on credit is a form of mutual fund that ... Read More »

You can’t beat building blocks!

Old fashioned can beat new fangled. БPlaying together remains the best way parents can help foster their young childrenБs development,Б said Dr. Dimitri A Christakis, who led the research. БOur findings point to a pragmatic and fun way to improve language acquisition. Though many toy manufacturers claim their products improve childrenБs cognitive abilities, few such claims are substantiated by research. ... Read More »


Consulting: Strategic consultation for planning, scheduling and site selection to maximize your business efficiency. Architecture: Experienced architects and designers of industrial and commercial facilities provided by Read More »