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We partner with your key people to ensure

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to partnering with our clients to develop a collaborative solution that is aligned with their unique Read More »

In the gap left by embattled banks, an alternative emerges

IT IS a common gripe among businessmen that although central banks in the rich world have done their damnedest to bring down interest rates, many firms still struggle to borrow, as battered banks curb lending in an effort to shore up their capital. In America, one beneficiary of this unfortunate squeeze on credit is a form of mutual fund that ... Read More »


Consulting: Strategic consultation for planning, scheduling and site selection to maximize your business efficiency. Architecture: Experienced architects and designers of industrial and commercial facilities provided by Read More »

Local procurement: an effective way for mining companies to contribute to economic and social development

б This post was written by Jeff Geipel of. б Jeff Geipel is the venture leader for Engineers Without Borders CanadaБs Mining Shared Value venture. б Mining Shared Value is working to increase the amount of local procurement around mining projects in developing regions like Sub-Saharan Africa. Expectations have never been higher for what and how mining activity should contribute ... Read More »

How to start an app business

At a rate of 30 million a day, downloading apps is a popular hobby among consumers. So, too, is developing ideas for great new ones. The trouble often lies in taking an app from conception to high-tech reality but experts agree anyone can develop a successful, and potentially lucrative, mobile app with the right approach and effort. You can make ... Read More »

Hunt companies

Since the late 1940s, Hunt has worked diligently to become a leading owner and investor in a diversified group of real estate-related businesses and projects in the United States and globally. What was once a family-run hardware and supply store is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise that employs Read More »