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Chemical building blocks –what do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry in europe?

Chemical Building Blocks What do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry in Europe. 1st October 2014 at Reims Congress Centre, Reims, France. Chemical building blocks provide routes to a wide range of different products and chemicals and, in turn, an astonishing range of different downstream uses. Industrial biotechnology offers the potential for developing ... Read More »

You can’t beat building blocks!

Old fashioned can beat new fangled. БPlaying together remains the best way parents can help foster their young childrenБs development,Б said Dr. Dimitri A Christakis, who led the research. БOur findings point to a pragmatic and fun way to improve language acquisition. Though many toy manufacturers claim their products improve childrenБs cognitive abilities, few such claims are substantiated by research. ... Read More »

Developing building blocks to make open access work on a european level

Open access (OA) is certainly a topic high on the agenda of most UK researchers and universities, but is this level of interest also being seen across Europe. In my opinion, yes. This may be in part due to last yearБs by the European Commission which determined that outputs of research funded under, grants and programmes must be made. The ... Read More »

Joined-up data: building blocks for common standards

During the summer of 2013 Development Initiatives commissioned the to conduct a scoping study into the intersections between 5 different transparency initiatives. The aim of this project is to take a first step towards enabling users to easily combine and re-purpose information from different sources to meet their needs. 3P building blocks : Initial focus should be placed on seeking ... Read More »


Forward Dallas Encourages New Development Patterns. is the dream project of every Dallasite. It is a ground-breaking plan that aims to take our city to a whole new level of development and urbanization. The plan presents a road map for a comprehensive development of the city of. The vision has been created with the help of the people of and ... Read More »

Learn with us

October 21, 2013 Recently, Chronus Corporation was pleased to offer a webinar entitled БDesigning Talent Development Mentoring ProgramsБ. Our featured speaker was Lis Merrick, a recognized mentoring and coaching expert, and president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd. , headquartered in the U. K. She has helped companies from all over the globe start and grow more than 60 successful ... Read More »